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Driving Tactics

A drive to the mall should never be a race—but it does require mental alertness, physical coordination, and respect for every other driver on the road. NASCAR winner David Reutimann shares his expertise in all those areas as host of this dynamic, highly informative three-part series. A strong foundation for safety-oriented driving education, Reutimann’s guidance emphasizes that driving can be a fun, positive experience; that it is a privilege, not a right; and that the most important piece of driving equipment is between the ears. Viewable/printable instructor’s guides are available online. Correlates to National Health Education Standards: Achieving Health Literacy; Joint Committee for National School Health Education and the American Cancer Society; and National Educational Technology Standards. A Meridian Production. 3-part series, 21 minutes each.

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Freedom and Responsibility
Along with freedom mobility and independence, driving gives us responsibility--not just for our own lives, but also for the lives of others.