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Dying to Get There: The Real Cost of Reckless Driving

New drivers seem to learn very quickly about tickets, suspended licenses, and even a day in court, yet few appear to dwell much on safety. The fact is, traffic accidents are the leading cause of death among teens. This program opens a potentially lifesaving teen-to-teen dialogue on driving-related tragedies involving drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Strong images of totaled cars, powerful mortality statistics, and firsthand stories of real car wrecks with severe consequences carry the unmistakable message that driving is no joyride. The stakes are just too high for that. (21 minutes)

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Teenagers: Reckless Drivers
Whether racing or just to get a rush, teenagers feel invulnerable to danger as they drive recklessly. Taking his mother's brand new Corvette out for a drive, a teen speeds over 90 mph and totals the car.