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Breakfast: Most Important Meal of the Day

Greater physical stamina, better concentration at school or work, a more efficient metabolism—the evidence is overwhelming that a healthy breakfast is the key to a productive day. Yet it’s the meal most likely to be skipped by children, teenagers, and adults alike. This video brings home the importance of the day’s first meal by exploring the numerous mental and physical benefits of a nutritious breakfast. Viewers will understand the relationship between eating and metabolism, specifically between breakfast and blood-sugar levels. The kinds of foods that best fuel the body in the morning are also listed. A bonus chapter on the USDA’s transition from MyPyramid to MyPlate is included as well, and a viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. Correlates to the National Health Education Standards and the National Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences Education. A Meridian Production. Part of the series Eating Right, Day and Night. (21 minutes + bonus material)

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Breakfast Makes a Difference
Research indicates a well balanced breakfast improves mental and physical performance, helps in maintaining healthy weight, and contributes to a generally positive outlook on life.