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Talk to Me: The Dynamics of Hostage Negotiation

"I want doctors! I’m gonna kill doctors! I want white coats!" In 1993, gunman Damacio Torres shot up the Los Angeles County-USC Healthcare emergency room and took two hostages. Using the Torres case as a springboard, this program explains the tricky business of hostage negotiation while seeking to understand the mentality of hostage-taking. Psychologist Kris Mohandie, SWAT team supervisor Lt. Michael Albanese, and former hostage Anne Tournay, all present that day, offer keen observations on the five-hour standoff. Psychologist John Potter, of Exeter University, and Stephen Romano, of the FBI Crisis Negotiation Unit, provide additional insights. (47 minutes)

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Los Angeles Hospital Under Seige
In 1993, gunman Damacio Torres shoots three doctors at a Los Angeles County USC Healthcare emergency room and takes two hostages.