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Practicing Basic Control Tasks Behind the Wheel

When it comes to driving, the basics are not just a “sometimes” thing. They play a part in every trip a driver makes, so learning them right is a top priority. Filmed on actual roadways, this engaging video systematically demonstrates low-risk methods of parking, entering traffic, steering, backing up, and turning around. The program’s host, a calm and likeable driving instructor, reinforces the techniques while encouraging students to continually practice them. He also addresses a variety of dangerous road conditions and suggests using the three-second rule to maintain the proper following distance. In addition, he offers tips like coasting before braking and avoiding jackrabbit starts as ways of squeezing the most miles from a tankful of gas—plus ways to avoid the kinds of collisions that most commonly happen with an inexperienced driver behind the wheel. A Meridian Production. (17 minutes)

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Car Safety: Parking Basics
Mark Collins, driving instructor, emphasizes four parking basics: shift the car into park position, apply the parking brake, turn off the engine and remove keys, and always lock the car.