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Introduction to Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding is also known as “TIG,” or tungsten inert gas welding,  presents special safety concerns. Viewers are warned of the suffocation hazards present when working with inert gases and why good ventilation is required. The video also provides an explanation of how TIG welding differs from other types of welding...in particular the use of non-consumable electrodes. Electrode leads, hoses, regulators, and collets are demonstrated and explained as well as the use of the post flow timer to protect the weld from contamination. Also discussed are using the correct collet set and electrode size and type needed for the job. (11 minutes) A Meridian Production.

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Inert Gases, Shields, and Safety
Inert gases, helium and argon, require good ventilation. Shields clean high quality welds from contamination. Safety and preparation procedures are covered in a systematic fashion.