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Short-Block Service

Preparing students to perform a complete overhaul, this video shows how to properly install all components into the cylinder block. The block preparation segment explains checking main bore alignment, checking for deck warps, determining piston clearance, choosing the proper cylinder hone, installing freeze plugs, removing and installing cam bearings, and more. Crank installation steps include fitting main bearings into the block, using plastigauge, tightening cap bolts, and measuring end play. The piston and rod service section covers inserting piston rings, gauging and adjusting ring gap, checking ring groove depth, installing oil rings, fitting rod bearings into rods, lowering rods and pistons into the block, and checking ring torque. Graphics and close-up footage reveal all vital procedures. Correlates to all National CTE Organizational Standards (including the provisions of the Perkins Act). A Shopware Production. Part of the series Automotive Engines.

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Engine Block Preparation
Block preparation includes checking main bore, alignment, and deck warps; determining piston to cylinder clearance; and choosing proper cylinder hone. Different hones are described and demonstrated.