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Residential Wall Framing

Residential Wall Framing is a twelve-minute video which is part of the series, Residential Carpentry Framing.

Finally, a step-by-step "how-to" series of videos that will show your students how to build. Whether working with floor, wall, ceiling, or roof framing, viewers get a first-hand look at construction procedures, safety issues, and proper tools. A clear explanation of each step provides in-depth information while viewers watch actual carpenters do the work. "Notes" are given throughout offering tips and safety warnings. Carpenters carefully review the plans for layout, materials, and any variations. Starting with floor framing and using the platform method, carpenters place sills and check the foundation to make sure it’s level. Students see how girders and joists are installed and how spacing marks are made and transferred. Construction terms are used throughout as specific steps are demonstrated. Students learn about header joists, story poles, bridging, framing openings, and how to lay down subflooring. Moving on to wall framing, carpenters carefully make layout marks, chalk the subflooring, cut and place the plate stock, and mark studs, cripples, trimmers, and corner studs. Studs, headers, and trimmers are cut to proper size and wall components are pre-assembled. The walls are nailed, braced, and then raised into place. Ceiling framing and roof framing follow the same pattern...taking students through the construction process...providing clear instructions and demonstrating each step. Throughout each video, safety concerns are addressed and helpful tips highlighted that the professionals use. Give your students the opportunity to see actual "on the job" construction before they try it themselves. A great series to add to any construction/building trades program! A Meridian Production.

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Wall Framing: Checking the Plans
The wall frame encloses the house, carries the load to the foundation, and provides framework for applying interior and exterior features. Plans and requirements for wall frames must be carefully considered before construction begins.