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Career S.E.L.F. Assessment: Finding a Career That Works for You

STOP! Before you start looking for a job, take a good look at your S.E.L.F. This program shows how to assess your Strengths, Experiences, Lifestyle, and the way you Function best. Each of these elements is part of your S.E.L.F. and all should be considered when choosing a career. This program stresses the importance of knowing who you are and what direction you want your life to take before fitting your S.E.L.F. into the world of work. The key to finding the right job or career is asking your S.E.L.F. the right questions. This entertaining program discusses the questions job seekers need to answer.

A Cambridge Educational Production.

One 32-minute video.

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Who Likes Their Job Anyway?
Two high school students talk about their attitudes towards work and their individual jobs, discovering that neither one is particularly enthusiastic about their work choices.