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Energy and Work

Ever since there has been work to do, people have looked for easier ways to complete their tasks. These imaginative videos offer fresh perspectives on how machines are used to make work easier. Animation, graphics, video, and narration are combined to vividly explain the basic physical concepts associated with work, energy, and the six simple machines. Special appearances by a hard-working caveman help put the development of machines into historical (and humorous) perspective. Each segment includes history and definition, real-world examples of the physical science principles, video of simple machines in use, 3-D animations demonstrating how the machines work, as well as calculations and their applications. A Cambridge Educational Production. (14 minutes)

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Work, Units of Work, and Power
Work equals force times distance. Pounds or newtons measure units of force, Feet or meters determine distance. Horsepower or watts express power, which is the amount of work over time.