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Estimating Building Materials for Home Construction

The construction trades provide a variety of opportunities to put specialized skills to work. Some of those situations require estimating the amount of building materials needed to complete the job. This program presents rule-of-thumb techniques of estimating material needs for a deck system, exterior walls, interior walls, roofing, electrical systems, and plumbing systems. Basing the project on plans for a three-bedroom house, the video uses sophisticated computer animation to help clearly visualize the estimating process. The program shows how to calculate square and linear footage; estimate amounts of sheathing, drywall, and siding; determine numbers of joists, studs, and beams; and assess wiring and plumbing needs. Easy-to-use formulas presented in a concise format make this video a great teaching aid for the very first step in construction work. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. A Cambridge Educational Production. (26 minutes)

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Introduction to Building Materials for Home Construction
Construction techniques and local building codes influence the amounts and types of materials needed for a construction project. Material needs for the deck system, exterior walls, interior walls, roof, electrical service, and plumbing must be considered.