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Back to the Basics: A Five-Part Series on Business

Back to the Basics is a five-part series designed to introduce young adults to the work world. It addresses the issues of problem solving, conflict resolution and etiquette, communication skills, stress management, and professional image.


Specialists in career planning, organizational behavior, and workplace wellness share their advice on how to navigate the business world successfully.


A diverse group of young adults also share their experiences in the workforce, giving the viewer a complete look at what works and what doesn’t. The entire series is led by a host who shares information from our research, tests viewers on their current skills, and introduces each of the program’s players.


After watching these programs, viewers will know how to act and react in any business situation, providing a comfortable, knowledgeable start to any career. A Cambridge Educational Production. 5-part series, 18–23 minutes each.

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Problem Solving as a Challenge
People can solve most problems by following a few basic steps that will help them develop a plan of action.