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Secrets of Making Objections Your Friends

For a salesperson, an objection is the kiss of death. Or is it? In this program, Bob Kimball—author of the American Marketing Association’s popular AMA Handbook for Successful Selling and professor of marketing at the University of West Florida—makes it clear that an objection and a rejection are two totally separate things, as he describes in detail the process of turning an objection into an ally: first, probe for the underlying reasons; next, acknowledge it with a disarming statement, mentally classify it as content-based or visceral, and deal with it accordingly; and then get back on track and go for the close. (26 minutes)

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Business: Reasons for Objections
Secret No. 1: The first step in dealing with objections is to listen, ask questions, and listen some more. Look for the reason behind the objection because they give valuable information the salesperson can use to turn the objection around.