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Secrets of Personal Time and Territory Management

"I work hard every day, every week, but I’m not making any money in selling. If I’m working this hard, I ought to be doing a lot better than I am." In this program, Bob Kimball—author of the American Marketing Association’s popular AMA Handbook for Successful Selling and professor of marketing at the University of West Florida—explodes the myth that sheer effort guarantees results while explaining how to "plan your work and work your plan," how to codify priorities and then stick to them, how to eliminate time-wasters, and the crucial importance of making weekly and daily schedules. (30 minutes)

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Success Secrets: Accomplishment
In a skit, two sales professionals discuss success. Success Secret No. 1: "It's not how hard you work. It's what you get done." A woman documents how she spends her time all day.