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Eric Hobsbawm and Slovakian Nationalism

"Nationalism is not compatible with the progress of history," says Eric Hobsbawm. In this program, the renowned Marxist historian travels 35 miles on the Pressburg Railway to prove his point—a brief trip from Vienna to Bratislava in 1996 and a century-long journey through a landscape that has seen some of Europe’s most turbulent political changes. Using the excursion as a paradigm for the nationalistic struggles of the region, Professor Hobsbawm traces the birth of modern Slovakia from its roots in the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, to the region’s annexation by Hitler and subsequent domination by the Soviet Union, to Slovakian independence. (54 minutes)

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Going Home to Vienna
Historian Eric Hobsbawm returns to his native home of Vienna. He compares the countries of his parent's origin, Britain and Austria, looking specifically at their political history.