Engineering Video Collection


From massive public projects like the Hoover Dam to the incredibly small science of nanotechnology, this growing collection provides coverage of the widespread and interdisciplinary fields of engineering. Documentary films, scholarly presentations, and instructional videos cover chemical, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering as well as bioengineering, computer science, and materials science.


Featured Producers in This Collection

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Collection Highlights

Blueprint Fundamentals – a no-nonsense overview of how to interpret and read blueprints across several disciplines.


Nanotechnology: The Power of Small—A Fred Friendly Seminar – widely acclaimed three-part series, hosted by Peabody Award-winning journalist John Hockenberry, on the social, ethical, and personal implications of advances in nanotechnology.


Tomorrow's World: A Horizon Special – from the entrepreneurs who are driving a new space race, to the Nobel Prize-winning scientist leading a nanotech revolution, this BBC special is a tour of the people and ideas delivering the world of tomorrow, today.

More than 100 episodes of Modern Marvels, featuring the science and engineering behind the materials, structures, machines, and inventions that make up the modern world.

European Inventor Award 2016 – a 15-part series where inventors respond to the challenges of our time as well as contribute to social progress, economic growth, and prosperity with topics such as targeted anti-cancer drugs, paper transistors, and more.

Understanding Electronics – a six-part series that helps develop hands-on knowledge and conceptual understanding in a variety of electronics fields (health care, communications, industry, transportation, environment, and computing) by using case studies, first-rate technical expertise, and high-energy video productions.


The Age of Robots – a six-part journey through the state of the art of robotics and artificial intelligence.

J, Robot: Case Studies in Japanese Culture, Art, and Technology – a look at some of Japan’s astonishing breakthroughs in robotics, including an examination of Japanese culture and its propensity to nurture robot development.

Welcome to the Nanoworld! – a four-hour documentary series on both the promise and risks of this fascinating new branch of science.


World’s Toughest Fixes – two full seasons of the National Geographic series featuring engineers doing repairs or renovations on equipment that is very large or dangerous—from high-voltage power lines and a Mars antenna, to a Boeing 767, an atom smasher in the LHC, and more.

More than 65 TED Talks focusing on the cutting edge of engineering, with presentations on robotics, 3-D printing, artificial intelligence, wireless technology, computer technology, bioengineering, and more.

How to Build… – the three-part series that uses extraordinary access to some of the world’s most advanced and closely guarded engineering processes to reveal the beauty, ingenuity, and complexity of building high-performance vehicles.

Great Projects: The Building of America – a four-hour PBS series that highlights the masterworks of American engineering that have transformed the United States and enabled it to prosper as has no nation in modern history.

Multiple titles on computers and computer technology, including Lifting the Lid: How Computers WorkInside a ComputerComputer NetworksThe History of ComputersIntroduction to Programming: Unlocking the SecretsManaging Databases; and more.

All titles segmented into short, pedagogical clips, ideal for intermittent use during classroom lectures. For classwork viewing, students can choose to watch an entire film without interruption. Titles within the collection are sorted across more than 30 distinct, browsable subject categories (e.g., Artificial Intelligence, Electronics & Microelectronics, Drafting & Design, Civil & Environmental), enabling refined searches for available titles in specific topic areas.

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