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From the fundamentals of cell division to the complexities of epigenetics, the vast field of biology is covered by this extensive collection of documentaries, educational videos, presentations, and interviews. Cells, genetics, and evolution. Human anatomy and physiology. Ecological diversity and change. All are brought to life for students in ways that only video can accomplish.


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Collection Highlights

The Human Body: How It Works – comprehensive nine-part series that details the inner and outer workings of the human machine.


Cell Biology: Structure, Function and Processes – no-nonsense four-part series that guides viewers through the essentials of cell biology: structure and function, metabolism and respiration, and division and growth, with a focus on stem cells, cellular differentiation, and genetics.


Heredity – a two-part series that investigates the cellular systems and processes involved in transmitting genetic material to new cells and offspring.

Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life – an eye-catching BBC special, hosted by David Attenborough, that travels the globe to show how Charles Darwin developed his theory of evolution and explore its ramifications today.

The Secret Life of Twins: Identity, Genetics, and Human Development and Secret Life of Twins (2015) – BBC series and updated program that investigate the nature-nurture debate and how twin studies are creating new avenues of research in medicine, genetics, and psychology

Anatomy for Beginners – a four-part series in which the anatomist responsible for the world-renowned Body Worlds exhibit takes viewers on an anatomical tour that, despite the series’ name, will enlighten students from Biology 101 to the most advanced medical courses.


The Gene Code – a series that documents many of the strides made in biology, anthropology, and health care as a result of the extraordinary genetic discoveries of the past few decades.


Biotechnology in the 21st Century – from major advances to practical applications to ethical controversies, this four-part series introduces viewers to a field of science that is rapidly changing the world.


Plant Biology: Core Concepts Video Clip Library – filled with award-winning animation, this comprehensive clip library brings to life the intricate biology of plants.


Cousin Bonobo – fascinating documentary that investigates the genetics, biology, intelligence, sexual behavior, and matriarchal social organization of humankind’s closest relative.


Animated Neuroscience and the Action of Nicotine, Cocaine, and Marijuana in the Brain – CINE Golden Eagle Award-winning film that uses 3-D animation to take viewers on a journey deep into the brain to study the effects of these three substances.


Bacterial World: Microbes That Rule Our World – delves into this vast subject and explores a new vision of interdependence with bacteria.

Darwin's Finches in Galápagos – six videos that illustrate not only an iconic example of contemporary evolution but also the way in which evolution is studied in a natural and challenging environment.

All titles are segmented into short, pedagogical clips, ideal for intermittent use during classroom lectures. For classwork viewing, students can choose to watch an entire film without interruption. Titles within the collection are sorted across 24 distinct, browsable subject categories (e.g., The Brain & Control Systems, Evolution & Diversity, Cells & Metabolism, The Microbial World), enabling refined searched for available titles in specific topic areas.

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