Sexual Stereotypes

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Sexual Stereotypes (19:00)
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More than ever before, Americans are being bombarded—and acculturated—by the media, and only discerning individuals will recognize the sexual biases that all too often are a part of each day’s worth of information and entertainment. This program focuses on identifying and looking beyond categorical stereotypes of women, men, gays, and lesbians. A Cambridge Educational Production. (25 minutes)

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1. Over-Simplified Opinions (01:31)
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Stereotypes are over-simplified opinions. All cultures have sexual stereotypes but not all sexual stereotypes are truly representative or just. Both the media and society create sexual stereotypes.

2. Stereotypes and Women (05:03)

Over time the media picks up on social changes and reflects these changes in their characters. Media juggles the images of women as sex-objects, career women, and mothers.

3. Stereotypes and Men (02:42)

The male stereotype shows men strong, intelligent, powerful, debonair, and masters of the house. The male media image has expanded to include roles of fathers and more equal partners in relationships.

4. Gays and Lesbians (02:38)

Gays and lesbians have evolved from an almost non-existance in the media to sources of ridicule and comedy. While positive media representation of gays and lesbians exists, it has a long way to go.

5. Media and Sexual Awareness (02:25)

Sexual stereotypes conveyed by the media also involve sexual behavior. Media representation of sexual activity puts pressure on teens to become sexually active at an early age.

6. Seeing Through Stereotypes (02:19)

The media magnifies certain aspects of American life while collapsing and eliminating others. Stereotypes based on fact become dangerous when their media exaggerations are taken as fact.

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