If You Can't Beat 'Em, Blog 'Em

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If You Can’t Beat ’Em, Blog ’Em (22:00)
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The rise of the blog as a form of serious news reporting means that conventional journalists must become familiar with the blog format and rethink typical journalistic approaches. This ABC News program examines the blogger “community,” reviews major news stories that were broken by bloggers, and demonstrates ways in which blogging differs from traditional reporting methods. Featuring an interview with a Virginia schoolteacher who created a groundswell of political action with her blog, the video shows how the immediacy and the personal style of blog-writing can have powerful results—so powerful that journalistic accountability is now a contentious blog issue. (22 minutes)

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1. Bloggers: New Rules or No Rules (02:19)
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Blogs, short for web log of running commentary, are a fledgling form of media that must undergo certain rites of passage. They have earned respect by beating established media to the punch on several major news stories.

2. Blogging: Empowerment and Community (06:14)

It was bloggers who first discovered errors in Dan Rathers' report on President Bush's military career as well as other journalists' errors. Blogging empowers individuals and creates communities. Linking provides pathways to other blogs.

3. Ordinary Citizens Making a Difference (06:02)

Former teacher Maura Keaney’s blog forced Virginia Republican John Cosgrove to withdraw his bill that would require women to report all miscarriages to authorities. Links from Keaney’s site did lead to erroneous information.

4. Maura Keaney: Media or Private Citizen? (03:53)

Cosgrove believes that since Keaney had an audience, she is part of the media. Keaney, however, calls herself a private citizen speaking out with her concerns. The blogging world still needs to figure out the rules for this transparent way of running commentary.

5. Ethics for Blogging (02:13)

The audience is part of the process in the blogging world. Although the collective effort of the blogging community brings valuable information to light, good journalism requires tedious research, not instant reaction to a news item.

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