Segments in this Video

A Pantomime (03:08)


Jean-Louis Barrault mimes a wild horse being broken in to join the circus.

"The Young Widow" (02:42)

Madeleine Renaud recites a poem about grieving over a loved one and consoling those who do. Jean de La Fontaine wrote the fable.

"The Two Rats, Fox and Egg" (01:56)

Descartes believed that plants and animals did not possess a soul or spirit. Listen to a story attributed to Fontaine, who detested Descartes.

Interview with James Macandrew (04:03)

Barrault describes how the theater should mirror life, work for justice, and look toward the future. In order to govern truthfully, the establishment must let the artist speak freely. Art can traverse the strained relationship between the USA and France.

"Le Misanthrope" (09:10)

Watch an excerpt of a scene from Molière's comedy. Alceste cannot help but love the flighty Célimène who wrote a love letter to a rival, Oronte. Barrault and Renaud portray Alceste and Célimène respectively.

"To Paint the Portrait of a Bird" (02:32)

Listen to the poem by Jacques Prévert. Renaud recites the verse.

"Liberty" (03:04)

Listen to the poem by Paul Eluard. Barrault recites the verse and performs the final stanza in English.

Credits: Jean-Louis Barrault and Madeleine Renaud on French Theater (00:14)

Credits: Jean-Louis Barrault and Madeleine Renaud on French Theater

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Jean-Louis Barrault and Madeleine Renaud on French Theater

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Jean-Louis Barrault and Madeleine Renaud perform poetry, pantomimes, scenes from a play, and discuss with James Macandrew the impact of theater. Excerpts include poetry from Jean de La Fontaine, Jacques Prévert, and Paul Eluard. Also included is a scene from The Misanthrope on this episode of Camera Three.

Length: 27 minutes

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Copyright date: ©1969

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